Autoloader - SS250


Brand Crafco, Inc

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Super Shot Melter 250 With Autoloader

The patented pump technology of the Crafco Super Shot melters is what makes the Super Shot the most productive and lowest maintenance melter in the industry. The Crafco patented pump is mounted inside the sealant tank. Mounting the pump inside eliminates material recirculation, outside plumbing, and high-pressure lines, while decreasing pump wear. The Super Shot pump will last many times longer than a conventional pump. Internal pumps require no packing which eliminates maintenance and results in more production on the job.


174”L / 91.25”W / 81”H

Shipping Weights

5,860lbx / 2,658kg - Actual

Gross Weight

9,900lbs / 4,490kg - Approx.

Material Capacity

250 gal. / 946 liter

Melt Rate

2,000 lbs/hr

Heat Transfer Oil

49 gal / 185 liter

Tank Construction

Double Boiler

Tank Opening

16” x 24” / 406.4mm x 609.6mm

Loading Height

58” / 147.3cm

Heat Input

290,000 Btu

Diesel Fuel Capacity

32 gal. / 127 liter

Propane Capacity


Hydraulic Oil Capacity

32 gal. / 121 liter

Engine Standard

Three Cyl. Isuzu Mod 3CH1 Tier 4 Final 25.4BHP @ 3,000RPM

Engine Option (w/Compressor)

(53 cfm comp.) Three Cyl. Isuzu Mod 3CD1 33BHP @ 3,000RPM


(70 cfm comp.) Three Cyl. Isuzu Mod 3CD1TK 41.6BHP @ 3,000RPM

Axle Capacity

5,200lb Torsional / 2,359kg


ST225/75 R15

Air Compressor (Optional)

53.8CFM @ 100PSI / 70CFM @ 100PSI

Surface Area Material Tank

6,632 in2 42,787 cm2

Surface Area Oil Tank

7,655 in2 49,387 cm2

Ratio of Tank Surface Area



Standard Super Shot

Control Location

Hydraulic Rear, Control Box Curb Side

Hose Style


Wand Style


Hose Compartment


Material Recirculation



Dual Pillow Block Bearings

Burner Box

Front Panel Removable

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